And Geek.

I am Nenad Grujicic, a multidisciplinary designer experienced in making brands and GUIs look good, feel great, and work well.

At the moment, I am crafting eye-catching, user-loved things at Pudding Studio.

Pudding is a small, family-run studio. It is formed by two of us, my spouse Jelena and me. The primary focus for our studio is close collaboration with product startups and their progressive growth.

I helped TextNow establish its brand presence while making it widely recognizable.

I've created numerous illustrations for TextNow, which have been used for products, branding, and campaigns.  You can view them here

And not just recognizable but better in every way!

After developing a new visual identity, I continued working on product design. From the new user onboarding to the new navigation and user portal to the integrated webshop, as well as coming up with many ideas and improvements, some of which are already producing excellent results.


New user onboarding and permission priming that improved the number of successful registrations and user retention


A new drawer that dramatically improved user experience and user conversion from 'wifi only' to 'free nationwide talk and text network' (SIM Card selling)


App Store Optimisation

In my spare time, I am collecting vintage - retro computers and video game consoles.

And for the last two years, I have been obsessed with MiSTer FPGA. MiSTer FPGA is an open-source project that aims to preserve old consoles, arcades, and personal computers: from the Super Nintendo to the Amiga and all the way to Yugoslavia's first computer - Galaksija. Since our studio has a retro corner where this wonderful device is located (along with many other retro consoles, macs, pvms, and crts), I wanted to enhance it with prints of the illustrations I have made.

Information architecture, user experience design, and art direction for

I spent 2016 and 2017 in Berlin as a full-time employee at IBM iX as Advance Art Director. The project I spent the most time on is the new Airbus is a massive company with a broad portfolio. Most departments had their separate web presentations and visual standards. The challenge was to put them all under one domain so that navigation is easy and everything is visually consistent.

Airplanes, helicopters, Mars rovers, and artificial intelligence under the same roof -well organized and visually consistent.

Statement of the jury

This elaborate website integrates all of the company’s product communication into a single portal, thus providing a seamless customer experience. The site’s design is of superior quality and reflects the brand’s core values down to the last detail, from the standpoint of form, content and technical realisation.

Airbus is the most comprehensive project I have worked on with the IBM iX, Berlin team. But it is certainly not the only one.

Bundesliga Sportcast Media Hub

The Sportscast media hub of the German Bundesliga is a web application allowing media and partners to access every Bundesliga football match video easily. Not only that, but it also (with the assistance of Watson AI) enables an easy search for the key moments. These clips can be perfectly trimmed and ready for further distribution and presentation in just a few clicks.

I have always enjoyed participating and being part of a team that is working on a pitch project, and is my most beloved one. It was my first project at IBM iX, Berlin, where I met wonderful people with whom it was a pleasure to work and bring this project to a successful conclusion.

From time to time, I love to snap a photo here and there. Film and digital. 🫶🏻 both.

Love to take good photos. Especially analog-film ones. It is not just about grain and unique colors but it is about the journey from the moment I press the shutter button till I see scanned photos on display. Since I am a dad of a 3-year-old girl and I am mostly taking photos of her, analog is not the best option to snap a good one. That's why my fuji and iPhone are my most used cameras these days.

Fuji X-E4
Nikon F100
iPhone 13

Icons, Pictograms and KDE.
Yep, that's how it started.

Aqua, Brushed Metal and Crystal. Icons.

In the early 2000s, I was in love with the Aqua interface, especially the icons. I soon discovered the world of open source and the K Desktop Environment, where I actively participated and contributed by creating icons for applications and user interfaces with the help of the magical KHTML. That way, I mastered the html5 and css3 programming languages at a time when tables and Flash were the only ways to create web interfaces. The displayed icons are just some that are dear to my heart and that were used as dock icon replacements.

Pictograms for Volkswagen

Shiny icons were my start, but the technique of converting them to line art seemed easy. Conveying a message through a glyph and making a family in which each one is consistent and recognizable are still the most significant challenges I can face... yet, at the same time, these are some of my favorite projects. I am showing you one part of the pictogram family that I worked on for Volkswagen (during my time at IBM iX). What brings me to this particular set is the fact that it went to production, and basically, every employee at VW has them in front of their eyes.

for iPad.

I spent 2011 and 2012 as part of the HUGE NYC team (full-time, in-house) as Senior Art Director. There I have worked on projects for J.P. Morgan, Nickelodeon, Panasonic, and Nivea, to name a few, but the project I played a significant role in was the Lowe's iOS tablet app. The iPad was still a new product on the market, and most mobile applications of that time would only present their enlarged-stretched version on the tablet. That was not the case here, and the app is completely optimized for the tablet screen so that all the visible surface is being utilized.

Thank you Aaron for the photo ❤️